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17. Via Veritas

Talk to Abby's friend

+500 XP Follow Abby to Sara. Sara points Lara to the library.
Mission "Explore the Local Mysteries" (Star Crossed): Speak to the man right next to Sara for a mission.
Get to the cemetery, speak to the old woman at the fallen cross, find the treasure (by the well) for the children, follow the crosses out of town to a crypt...
(more on that later)
Get to the cemetery and cross it to get to the old library.

Go to the Library

Lara and Jonah enter.
Documents: Break through the wall in the far left room for the document De La Cruz Leaves. Right next to it on the table is the Journal of T. Serrano 8.
Break through the wall behind the painting of Jesus on the cross in the first room on the left to find a cross you can examine. Break through the wall on the right side in the main room to find a clue: "under his wings". Break through the wall at the back in the main room to find the heron and the eclipse.
Document: Get under the stairs, to the back and then to the left, to find the Journal of T. Serrano 10.
Documents: Up the stairs break through the wall near the landing for the Journal of T. Serrano 11.
Up the stairs on a table near the collapsed floor Lara finds an important book.
Document: Jon the Apostle is found upstairs. After the collapsed floor turn left and get into the corner.
Upstairs, after the collapsed floor bit, break through the left wall to find something about the eclipse +50. Now you know that you are looking for the heron and the eclipse below.
Document: Upstairs, after the collapsed floor, over on the right is another document "Repelling the Demons".
Document & Relic: Upstairs, in the back, in the first niche on the right, on the floor "De La Cruz Arrives". Upstairs, in the back. At the end on a table on the right "Ranting". Gold on the left.
Return downstairs and look at the heron and the eclipse depicted at the back wall. Use the axe to reveal the mural underneath. +50 XP

Find the Cross

Remember the cross, in the backroom on the left side down here. Lara and Jonah lift it and open a secret passage in the floor and climb down. +100 XP
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