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15. Last Emperor

Reach the Tomb of Sinchi Chiqa

Down the left stairs. Double jump up the wall in front. Jump to the craggy wall and climb left, along the ledges and up. Climb right and up to the hand. Swing to the other hand. Jump to the opening, use the grapple and climb in.

Explore the Tomb of Sinchi Chiqa

Follow the passages.
Lopez left a clue. "The heart of the serpent is in the cup. Unuratu and Lara are attacked and Unuratu dies at the hands of Commander Rourke.
+100 XP

Defeat the Cultist warriors

Try to do this stealthily from the patches of vegetation. Take care not to be seen by the one who occasionally walks up onto the platform to keep watch. If you've been spotted, run to the other end.

Find Jonah

Leave through the gate.
Lara makes a promise to Etzli, then Lara and Jonah set off to return to Kuwaq Yaku. En route they are attacked by a Trinity helicopter.
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